Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Box it!

Box it!

Surprises are like the spice that make relationships taste good when you constantly apply them. Tender kisses before leaving for the office, breakfast in bed, kisses on the neck while slow dancing are all amazing but they are not enough. Sometimes the moment couples get married they let their guard down and switch their groove off, that is when they start leaving like neighbours under the same roof. Marriage and relationships are not prison sentences, but freedom to express your love to your partner and also get undiluted love from your partner. Many couples live together but they are so far apart, couples like this don’t know anything about each other. The wife can’t say the colour of tie the husband is wearing, the husband can’t tell the colour of purse the wife is carrying. There shouldn’t be limitation to the happiness you are to show your spouse, enjoy life together like you are dating.                                                       
Ladies, surprise you spouse constantly by getting him men related gifts, things you know he would appreciate and cherish. Blow his mind, sweep him off his feet by being unpredictable with your plans. As a man, we love it when a woman pulls a mission impossible kind of stunt at planning a smooth dinner date to treats us like kings and we are more impressed when she does that with style. The gifts you going to get him is intended to draw him closer to you, and whenever he sees it your face flashes in his head.

Gift for two - get 2 same pairs of sneakers one for him and the other for you for exercise, it will strengthen the bond and pass a message when worn together.
Shout it but do it quietly – know when and where he will be hanging out with the boys, send someone neutral, someone who’s not in the picture to deliver a bouquet of red rose with a short note saying something alluring and ending it with something like “the girl after your heart” when you get a call that the package is delivered give him a call a tell him “I love you” I hope you love the bouquet?

Be a therapist – after work am sure he must have been exhausted because of the stress he faced, open your box of surprise and unleash a soft massage to relieve his stress, indulge him with sweet, soft and sensual words that will make him sleepy but awake, weak yet strong and satisfied but still hungry for your touch.

Write it in black and white – Technology has made some parts of romance less romantic, gone are the days of writing love letters, text messages does all that now people say. The feelings conveyed when writing a letter can not be compared to those conveyed when typing a text message. It’s a hand written thing with ink and not computer written; when you read a letter from your loved one physiologically you hear their voice talking to you. Write him love letters from time to time and post them to be delivered to the house addressed in his name, let him read and fall in love. Add this to your box of surprises it will work greatly for you.

Lips to collar – Pass an open massage to other women out there to stay clear of this man (Your husband) because his taken. Kiss him on the collar of his shirt and make sure to wear a lipstick before doing that.
  !      Warning, Please don’t try this on someone’s husband, boyfriend or fiancĂ©.   

Men spoil your women extravagantly in decadent opulence, leave no stone unturned by making love to her soul, mind and body. Hypnotize her with sweet fantasies by poetry, and whisper sounds of love straight into her heart, if you don’t mean it don’t say it to her; women have a way of sensing lies when they hear one, especially your spouse who knows you well like the back of her hand.

Let’s do it – Men, this is the first part of your task. Surprise her by requesting to join her, partake in something she loves doing but you don’t find interesting. It might be baking, cooking or washing.

Karaoke time – show your artistic side by singing her a love song at the karaoke bar. Make sure to sing the song she loves most and say at least one crazy thing or something magical you love about her before singing. If you don’t have an idea about what to sing, Marvin Gaye’s let’s get it on will break the ice.

Solve the puzzle – she has to make good use of her brains, because beauty with brains is a plus. She might be your wife, girlfriend or fiancĂ©e; if she solves this kind of task easily the trophy won’t be cherished. The game starts with a text message instructing her where to get her first clue from, which will lead her to her next task till she finds the trophy. It will be a mental game for her so she has to do more of brain storming. But make sure to make the trophy worth the game. The trophy can be exquisite dinner dress, or an expensive set of jewelry or better still if you want to propose, make it a wedding ring with her name engraved in it with a note saying “Will you Marry Me”. Whichever way it turns out, a dinner date is certain for her to celebrate her victory.

Private Dining – make a nice dish (something she will love) with a bottle of wine of her choice, make sure to put the atmosphere of the room in a romantic condition, cool coloured lights gracing everywhere accompanied with burning candles and soft oldies or sax playing very low in the background. Arrange the cutleries accordingly and the dish must be hot or warm that depends how she likes it. Remember it’s a private dinner you have to be on your tuxedo suite. Looking all sharp and handsome is also important in this scene. When she returns from work to find no one but burning candle lights, cool coloured lights and the music playing low she will be confused. When you appear from nowhere, be a gentleman and invite her to the dining table. 5 to 6 minutes after the dining is over invite her for a slow dance to close up the night. The whole thing is indoors that’s the best part. I know someone will be saying the kids will blow up everything, hold up! The kids can go over to grandma’s place or uncle’s place because Dad needs time alone with Mum.

Tales of two cities – this type of stories are usually told in the bedroom and everybody has their own unique stories. The kind of story you should tell her should probably be how she stole your heart the first time you saw her,that will bring back the passions in a reloaded form. It’s left to you to know which chapter you want to start with.

Making our spouse happy should be our daily objectives because we are unknowingly  making ourselves happy.  Live happily ever after like the little characters in Disney fairytale stories.

"Excessive Happiness is never an overdose, use as much as you need for it is medicine to the body and oil to the heart".....Pablo Onuoha

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