Friday, 1 June 2012

                                 "LOVE POEM"



I know not love 
until the day
 i met you.
The first smile,

the first hug,
the first passionate 

kiss and
the first night together,
changed everything

in a beautiful
Me without

you is like
a heart without 

a beat.
A star without 

the sky.
A bird without

 its wings and
A tree without its leaves.
You are the life in me.

                                            "KISS ME"


Kiss me before i sleep 
far into the deep.
So If i die,

your kiss will 
awaken me.
If am lost, 
Your tears will 
find me.
If am captured,
your memories
will free me.
If am sick,
your touch
will heal me.
If am troubled,
your voice will 
calm me.
Kiss me before i sleep 
far into the deep.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

                                                     "LET ME MAKE IT UP TO YOU"

The tongue they say has no bone, 
but it has the power to break a heart. 
When life’s pressure pushes us too hard, 
we sometimes activate the frustration 
mood temporarily in us and unleash it 
on our loved ones without noticing 
the damage we must have or about to do to our 
own sweet and beautiful loved ones. 
Also, turning down a kiss or not responding to a love signal from 
your partner may cause a cold war between you two that could make 
that sweet berry (love) turn sour. 
These are very simple and maybe passive things that could 
cause or ignite problems in a relationship.

If relationship is a textbook, then "LOVE" is its content. 
Taking out time to study the progress of your love lives can be a 
great way of positively affecting your relationship. 
So, make out time to take him/her out, spend some time with 
him/her or do some of those things he/she likes to do that you don’t really 
approve of “but won’t kill you”, play a game together or simply buy him/her a rose. 
One way or the other, one of these or something lovelier not mentioned 
above could be that magic recipe that could take your relationship to a whole new level.

Whenever the problem of over reacting has emerged 
and your partner is no longer happy with you, 
below are some simple and romantic steps that will work for you.

  • Since your lover is angry, don’t talk to him/her just write them a short note preferable with the words “I am so sorry don’t know what came over me, you know ordinarily I won’t do such a silly thing I love you".
  • Whenever you notice your lover is relaxed, walk up to him or her grab his/her hand slowly and say, I know my actions are childish I promise it won’t happen again.
  • Snick up behind your lover and whisper something like this “I feel like making love to you till the world come crushing in on us”.
  • When your partner is in the shower having a bath, join him/her with your cloths on,hold them tight and whisper to to him/her “let me wash you clean”.
  •  Ladies turn your man on to easy away the tension on him. Did I just hear you ask how? Slowly strip in front of him,hand him a bottle of massaging oil and ask him to do the magic.
  • Ladies while serving your man dinner, wear a transparent  gown to show your curves, slowly walk up to him and whispers this word in his ears “Skip the meal and eat the desert”.
  • Tell your lover if you have to fall in love again, you did fall for him/her again and again and gain.
  • Guys do something crazy publicly to make her laugh like screaming “I LOVE YOU” in an amusement park.
  • Plan a romantic date for two without her knowledge, romantically blind fold and carry her into the car, drive of to her dream spot, carry her out, help her sit then untie her to an atmosphere of romance.
  • Sing your lover a karaoke love song as a way of apologizing for your actions.
Make good use of all the tips I mentioned and experience a romantic “LOVE” life.
Remain “ROMANTIC” Till we meet again in my next post.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

                                         love thing with Roses
Line a delicate trail of rose petals along the bed and place one 
sweet love letter atop a mound of the glorious petals.
You can place rose petals in your panties just before 
getting intimate or simply cover the sexiest parts 
of your body with rose petals (for women).
You can place rose petals in the bath, 
kitchen sink or in a bowl of water without her knowledge.
You may put rose petals in briefcases, purses, 
or in a book your sweetheart is reading.
You can present your sweetie with a beautiful bouquet of roses 
and in the bouquet put one rose saying "I love you".
You can make a trail of roses or rose petals leading to the 
bedroom door or to the dinning room for a romantic dinner.
Put a dozen rose petals on the pull shade in your sweetheart's car. 
When they pull the shade down to protect themselves from the sun or pull 
out an item kept there, they will be showered with the soft, silky petals.
Few minutes before your sweetheart climbs into bed, 
collect a few handfuls of silky petals, pull back the sheets 
and toss them lavishly into the bed. Put the covers back, 
making the bed up to look as normal.
 It will be an awesome surprise when your darling pulls 
the covers back to slide into bed.
Decorate their room with little notes taped 
everywhere saying "I love you"  
with a rose petal attached to it.
Draw little hearts all over some post it notes and 
leave them in your mate's lunch box, bathroom mirror, 
hand bags etc. and leave it with a rose petal.