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In my last Article I talked about showing you some French expressions you can use to communicate with the people of France, and the French have a huge appetite for politeness and courtesy.Politeness is a very essential quality in our world today and it’s also important you know how to say the magic words “please” and “thank you” because they go a long way. French language is a romantic language thereby making it gender sensitive. Now let’s go over to some expressions which will be of importance in the nearest future that I am quite sure of. Bonne chance! (Goodluck)

Sir, Mr.

Madam, Mrs.

Yes, please                                                                        
Oui s'il vous plaît SVP (plural or formal)
S’il te plaît (singular and informal)

I'm sorry
   Je suis désolé(e), je m'excuse

Excuse me                                                                         
Excusez-moi(plural or formal)
  Excuse-moi (singular or informal),
  Pardon etc

Thank you very much
   Merci beaucoup
   Merci bien

You’re welcome                                                              
De rien,

It was my pleasure
  je vous en prie (plural or formal)
   je t'enprie (singular and familiar)

Hello /good bye                                                               
Bonjour/Au revoir

Don't mention it
     Pas de quoi

How are you ?                  
Comment allez-vous?(Plural or formal)
Comment vas-tu?(Singular or informal)

Nice to meet you                                                             
Je suis enchanté(e)

I'm sorry to disturb/bother you
   Excusez-moi de vous déranger

Enjoy your meal
   Bon appétit!

Do youspeak English/French ?                                             
    Parlez-vous anglais/français ?

What’s your name ?                                                                   
   Comment vous appelez-vous ?(Formal)
   Comment t'appelles-tu ? (Informal)

Where are you from ?                                                   
    D'où venez-vous?

How much is it ?                                                             
   Combien ça coùte?

How far is it ?                                                                   
   C’est loin d’ici ?

Where is…. ?                                                                                 
    où est…. ?

Can I have….?                                                                  
     Puis-je avoir…. ?

Would you like…. ?                                                                    
    Voulez-vous…. ?

Statement about yourself                                                        
    Parler de soi/ Présentez-vous

My name is…                                                                                
   Je m’appelle…

 I’m English                                                                        
   Je suis Anglais(e)

I’m French                                                                         
   Je suis français(e)

I don’t speak French/English verywell                             
    Je ne parle pas très bien français/anglais

I’m here on holiday                                                                   
    Je suis en vacances ici

I live near Lagos                                                             
    J’habite près de Lagos

I’m a student                                                                    
   Je suis étudiant(e)

Can you help me?                                                                  
   Pouvez-vous m’aider?

I’m lost                                                                                
   Je me suis perdu(e)

I’m ill                                                                                               
   Je suis malade

Call an ambulance                                                                     
    appeler une ambulance

I love you
   Je t’aime

With these expressions you can communicate with the people of France with easy.

“Even the heart understands the language of love”.
                                                                                    ……….Pablo Onuoha

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