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L' Amour à Paris
  La Tour Eiffel
Paris pronounced Pari by the French is the capital and the most populous city in France and often regarded as the love Capital of the world for this reason it has played an integral role in love stories the world over, being the dream destination for lovers all over the world, with different intentions ranging from honey moons, engagements, vacations, love trips or wedding anniversaries. Located on the Seine River, in the northern part of the country, it is in the centre of the île-de-france région, also known as région parisienne, “Paris region”. The name "Paris" is derived from its early inhabitants, the Celtic Parisii tribe. Paris is often referred to as "The City of Light" (La Ville Lumière), both because of its leading role during the Age of Enlightenment and more literally because Paris was one of the first European cities to adopt gas street lighting. In the 1860s, the boulevards and streets of Paris were illuminated by 56,000 gas lamps; I bet that would be a wonderful sight to behold.
La pyramide du Louvre

The name "Paris" sounds romantic when pronounced with a French accent, no wonder French is one of the sexiest languages in the world because of its unique way of pronunciations. I often ask myself what make people fall helplessly in love with Paris? The answer is simple. The atmosphere is blessed with so much love and romance, you feel invincible confetti falling from the skies with sweet surrender. The flowers in the gardens’ are not left out, as they are the spice of nature, to beautify the love capital of the world, succulent, colourful, and beautiful with the freshness of dew. These flowers are a natural aphrodisiac to the concept of love which can hypnotize us into falling in love, little wonder loads of lovers spent time in “Jardin d’amour” (Garden of love) just to connect with nature’s goodness.

        l'Arc de Triomphe

The Violin, guitar strings, saxophone and classical sounds are familiar sounds in the streets of Paris and that brings me to the theory that love and music works magic wherever they meet. Paris has a large number of classical monuments with rich history which you can visit with your spouse. Places like
                                                                 l'Opéra de Paris   
Le Palais de chaillot
La Pyramide du Louvre
Les Invalides
L’Opera de Paris
La Bibliothèque national de France
Le centre George Pompidou
L’Arc de Triomphe
Le Grande Palais
La Géode
La Tour Eiffel
Le Musée d’Orsay, known for its collection of French Impressionist arts.
L’Arche de la Défense
Le Chateau de Versailles
La Place de la concorde
These monumental places are magical at just a glimpse and breathtaking at full view. Every one of them has their own unique stories and structures.
                                                                           Musée d'Orsay

Paris has numerous restaurants with beautifully crafted interiors and a well arranged tables with candle lights and big transparent windows to see through to the whole city that means you enjoy your meal while feeding your eyes to the beautiful view of the city. A typical example of such restaurant which I am talking about is La Tour D’Argent a restaurant with professionalism and taste.
                                                                          Le Grand Palais

Let’s not forget to talk about some of French finest “Vin de pays” (Country wine) or “Vin Rouge” (Red wine) some of which have been in existence for as old as you could think, wines like “Château Malbat”, “Moulin de Gassac”, “Merlot, Grange Rouge” and goes well with meat, made from the finest grapes, from the best vineyards by the best wine makers. Whenever you visit Paris make sure to have a wonderful time and enjoy the exotic day and night life of Paris.
                                                        Outside view of Notre-Dame 

                                                      Inside view of Notre-Dame                                                                 

              Another inside view of the architectural Master piece of Notre-Dame


La Tour D'Argent - A top notch restaurant


                                                         Inside View of La Tour D'Argent 

  Another inside view of La Tour D'Argent and behind is the Famous Notre-Dam Cathedral
                                           Another Picture of La Tour D'Argent

During the winter period Paris wears a different look as atmospheric ice crystals “la neige” (Snow) falls on the ground as a white layer complementing the beauty of the city in its own unique way.

                                                                      Snow in Paris

                                                  Couples under the snow in Paris

                                              La Pyramide de Louvre under Snow

                                    A woman walking on the snowy road of Paris

 "Love fell in love with Paris"
                                                       .....Pablo Onuoha

In my next article, I will teach you some basic phrases in the language of love (French) so you can easily communicate with people whenever you visit France. Au revoir.

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