Saturday, 8 August 2015



If love was a car it would be the latest model of the Bugatti or Ferrari, built with no flaws or mistakes of any kind. But it can’t drive itself, it needs the expertise of a professional who will harness the power, unlocking the depths of hidden treasures they have to offer, the thrills lurking beneath. This is where a chauffeur who will take it to its next destination comes in and an agreement has to be reached between the car(love) and the chauffeur(humans) to work together.

Often times we want love by all means without opening our heart and soul to it maybe because of the pains we have experienced in our past relationships or the circumstances that lead to the separation of the relationship, it’s been long and we crave to love again but afraid of the past something like déjà vu. Our head says love again our heart says no, we are caught up like a broken down train in the middle of nowhere. Ignore the panic button and learn to love again.

There is always a second chance for everything in life, sometimes love can work out beautifully, sometimes we experience the ugly side of it. If love shows up good let it flow in, if it shows up bad let it flow out don’t fight or sweat it; there’s always that one person somewhere waiting to love you. Like my brother Kevin would say “Don’t swim against the current you will get killed, just swim with the current”.

Love is divine when you seek it genuinely, and when you find that good partner who is ready to chauffeur the love ride to the next level hold on to that partner, tutor him/her in exchange to learning from him/her. The popular saying goes thus “there can never be two captains on a ship”, when it comes to love ship I say there are always two captains onboard and that, my friend makes the Ocean cruise a romantic journey to embark on.

Free your mind and spirit and let the positive energies of love guide and work for you and your lover.
Let love flow.
Let it flow
Just let it flow.

“The only thing better than genuine love is more of it”.
                                                                           …..Pablo Onuoha

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