Wednesday, 1 April 2015


I would like to start by asking what is the connection between love and music? Where ever there is love there is music and where ever there is music there is love. From couples who are deeply in love dancing all alone in their room to the slow oldies of Marvin Gaye’s (Sexual Healing) or Alexander O’Neal’s (If you were here tonight) to Whitney Houston’s (I will always love you) or Sade’s (Sweetest Taboo), to when you visit the lovers garden and see young lovers starring into each other’s eyes while songs like Boys 2 men’s (I’ll make love to you) or Bryan Adam’s (Everything I do - I do it for you) is playing you will deduce that love songs are romantically powerful. Music puts you in the mood for love but cool instrumental sounds activates the love hormones inside you, Instruments like the Sax, piano, violin, guitar, flute or any track from artistes like Kenny G Or classical ensembles are therapeutic to the heart and soul. Every time you hear a soft string from a guitar in a cool love song, it strike’s a cord in your heart and it generates a harmonious tone between the instrument and the heart, that connection captures your attention and makes you fall in love with the soft sound serenading the atmosphere.

Like my friend Mr. Jo’ would say “Every song has its own dance” and I will complete it by saying “Love is the dance to any romantic song”. I had the opportunity to see the happy people video by R.kelly and I noticed the joy on the faces of the people as they danced with their loved ones, it was beautiful, colourful and awesome like the video itself and the atmosphere in the video provided a perfect bond for the couples to dance together. I took my time to observe some nice diners in the city and in the movies as well and I noticed they both have one thing in common, that is the presence of a slow songs playing in the hall, normally classical or instrumental. This scenario creates a perfect atmosphere for intimacy between couples and it’s also healthy for their love life.

Next time you want to have quality time with your spouse, or maybe you want to put him/her in the mood for love, nice melodious music will do the trick. While the music is playing set the pace by making the environment comfortable, soft lighting, the warmth in your eyes, soft baritone and hushed whispers, sweet spices and aroma, soft musk undertones, or sensual, exotic fragrances oozing seductively from your body. Just like the movie love and basketball, love and music are the ingredients to spice up any relationship either old or new. Music is food to the soul. This article will not be complete without these quotes, 
“music expresses that which cannot be put into words, and that which cannot remain silent- Victor Hugo” sounds familiar right?, “life is a song, love is the music”, “music is only a mystery to those who want it explained. Love and music are the same- Simon Van Booy”.
“If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it, that surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die- William Shakespare, Twelfth Night”.
Make your love a classical song worth listing to – Pablo Onuoha.
Keep loving while the music plays on.

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