Wednesday, 29 April 2015




The ear is a significant part of the body that beautifies the face, but primarily for hearing spoken words or sounds and it pays when used efficiently, for its sole purpose, to listen. The English dictionary defines Listening as the ability to concentrate on hearing something, and on the other hand communication is also defined as the act of transferring information through verbal messages, writing, singing, or some other medium.

Verbal communication is a vital part to any relationship because it strengthens the bond through spoken words, but listening allows you understand how your spouse feels when he/she is letting out those feelings of joy or pain and it sends a message across to his/her heart that you care in a very attentive manner, that is why God created us with two ears and a mouth, to emphasize the point that listening is 2 times more important than speaking,  but it is in human nature to go contrary to the laws of nature. 

Giving 90% ears to your spouse in your union will make your relationship 60% stronger and lovable. The listening factor is so strong that it helps you improve in your romantic lives and understand one another better. It also helps you know your spouse more and it helps you listen and understand better to the song of his/her heart.

Have you wondered how an unborn baby hears the voice of the father or mother and shows a sign? It’s a mystery right? The truth is the unborn child listens beyond the fetus. Pay attention when listening and you will hear more.

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